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Comprehensive Builders Risk Insurance and Inland Marine Insurance

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In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of construction, ensuring the protection of your project and valuable assets is paramount. At Vantage Point Insurance, we’re proud to offer comprehensive Builders Risk Insurance and Inland Marine insurance policies, designed to provide robust coverage for your construction projects and the vital tools they require. With our industry expertise, streamlined services, and responsive support, we are committed to providing you with the best coverage options, swiftly and efficiently.

The Importance of Time in Insurance Coverage

In construction, contracts often get finalized just before or on the construction commencement date. This tight timeframe underscores the need for a quick and efficient insurance procurement process. Given the time-sensitive demand for builders’ risk insurance, swift action is essential when your client inquires about coverage.

We, at Vantage Point Insurance, understand the importance of time. That’s why we’ve made our processes swift and smooth to ensure you secure the necessary coverage promptly. We offer an easy online submission process, responsive customer service, and direct access to our team of expert underwriters. Our priority is to help you get your insurance coverage quickly, safeguarding your project without any unnecessary delays.

Highlights of Our Builders Risk Insurance

Our comprehensive Builders Risk insurance policy, backed by an Admitted A XIII rated carrier, offers:

Commercial Risks:

  • Minimum Premium as low as $500 (varies by state)
  • Frame – $3,000,000 in value – Instant Issue
  • Other structure types – up to $20,000,000

Residential Risks:

  • Minimum Premium as low as $400 (varies by state)
  • Frame – $3,000,000 in value – Instant Issue
  • Other structure types – up to $20,000,000

We also offer higher limits on referral, replacement cost valuation for new structures, and flexible term extensions from 1 to 12 months. Plus, we provide a prorated cancellation with no minimum premium earned. We’ve got your new construction, renovation, or existing structure covered.

Safeguarding Your Tools with Inland Marine Coverage

In addition to our Builders Risk policy, we understand the indispensable role your tools play in your projects. To that end, we offer comprehensive Inland Marine insurance coverage. Our policy highlights include:

  • Admitted carriers
  • Minimum premium as low as $250
  • Up to $2M Total Insured Value (TIV)
  • Free Loss Payee
  • Standalone Installation Coverage
  • Standalone Rented/Leased
  • 3rd Party Finance Accepted

With these features, your tools and equipment will be safeguarded, giving you peace of mind to focus on the project at hand.

Trust Vantage Point for Your Insurance Needs

In the volatile and high-stakes world of construction, having a trustworthy insurance provider is critical. At Vantage Point Insurance, we bring together deep industry knowledge, state-of-the-art tools, and dedicated customer service to offer you the best Builders Risk and Inland Marine insurance options available.

We work tirelessly to ensure you have the coverage you need when you need it, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating and building. Get in touch with our expert team today for more information about our insurance policies. With Vantage Point Insurance, you can rest assured that your project and tools are in good hands.