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VETA and Vantage Point Insurance: Elevating Contractor Coverage in the Pacific Northwest

By June 1, 2023April 18th, 2024No Comments

Discover the new alliance between Vantage Point Insurance and VETA, a strategic partnership designed to revolutionize contractor coverage across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Experience superior insurance solutions encompassing a comprehensive range of fields, thanks to VETA’s innovative Exclusive Contractor Program. From expanded coverage options to enhanced customer service, explore how this collaboration is set to redefine the insurance landscape in the Pacific Northwest.

At Vantage Point Insurance, we continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Serving our clients across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, we are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with VETA, an exemplary insurance carrier known for its innovative, customer-centric policies and unwavering dedication to excellence.

A Closer Look at VETA

With an impressive track record, VETA has carved a name for itself as a top-tier insurance carrier. They have a robust reputation for providing dependable coverage, characterized by dynamic claims handling, underwriting, and risk management. Their forward-thinking approach to insurance solutions, combined with a dedication to customer service, makes them an ideal partner for us at Vantage Point Insurance.

What’s in Store for Our Customers

Broadened Coverage Options

Our partnership with VETA unlocks an array of enhanced coverage options for our clients. This expansion allows for greater flexibility and customization in insurance plans, facilitating a tailored insurance experience to fit unique needs and circumstances.

Elevated Customer Service

As VETA aligns with our commitment to deliver outstanding customer service, our collaboration ensures an enhanced customer experience, marked by efficiency and reliability.

Exclusive Contractor Program and Bundled Classes

Our collaboration with VETA also introduces the innovative Exclusive Contractor Program. Designed to streamline quoting for remodelers by bundling various classes, the program covers an extensive range of fields, including Carpentry, Drywall, Electrical in Buildings, HVAC (excluding LPG), Masonry, Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Interior and Exterior Remodeling, and more.

In addition to these, we have expanded our services to include new areas such as:

  • Carpentry Framing (new and remodel)
  • Debris Removal (including junk removal)
  • HVAC with LPG
  • Residential and Commercial Janitorial services
  • Plaster/Stucco (new and remodel)
  • Street Cleaning (including power washing of driveways/sidewalks/patios)
  • Window Installation (new and remodel)

Program Highlights

Our program with VETA brings some key features:

  • Two bundled remodeling classes, provide comprehensive coverage.
  • Acceptance of new construction projects.
  • VETA, an “A-” Rated Non-Admitted Carrier, ensuring reliability.
  • Easy-Add Tools Packages to swiftly cover your work instruments.
  • Sub-Cost coverage up to 50% of Gross Receipts.
  • Comprehensive coverage limits with a $0 deductible.
  • Two easy-to-add tools packages with different coverage amounts for miscellaneous tools, installation property, and miscellaneous property.

With this new partnership, we at Vantage Point Insurance look forward to providing improved insurance solutions to our valued customers. We hope you share our excitement about this new chapter of growth and remain committed to offering excellent coverage and service.