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Small Contractor Insurance

By February 2, 2022April 18th, 2024No Comments

We have been helping a lot of small contractors lately with one of our a partner carriers Coterie Insurance. They have a great product and we have been able to save a number of contractors money on their insurance needs which in turn has helped them invest more in their business.

Our goal with our contractor partners is to help them improve their cost of doing business where we can help, so they can in turn focus on finding clients and doing a great job for them.

Several of our recent clients have taken advantage of our HR Compliance Tool and been able to reduce other costs associated with contracting such things as Employee Handbooks, Return to Work Programs, OHSA Compliance reports, and other required training programs. One of our clients saved over $350 per month just with this service that is included in doing business with Vantage Point Risk Partners. They also saved close to 20% on their insurance cost, saving them close to $8,000 a year.

We love helping clients with their business costs and have multiple tools we bring to the table for our clients, insurance is a gateway to those tools and for us to better serve the people we do business with.

If you are a contractor, with or without employees, let’s set up a time to discuss what we can do for you. Schedule a free consultation

Or complete an online application with us and Coterie and get a quote today.