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Practice Self-Care

By January 25, 2022April 18th, 2024No Comments

Every day we choose not to move or practice self-care, we are draining the bank account. (In more ways than one!)

We get into a cycle where we miss one day of self-care, then another one and another. It sets a negative compounding effect in motion that’s hard to stop. But we do have the power and choice to re-start!

One of our favorite podcast hosts and serial entrepreneur George Bryant has this recent podcast – go check it out!

Here is some info;

It’s gardening time! Entrepreneurship is no different than a garden and most entrepreneurs are not focused on gardening. That’s why they leave all the money on the table and they die of famine. This 30 minute episode will help you stop leaving money on the table and give you the steps you need to take to water your garden.

That’s why I brought Trainer Dane, the king of positivity to the podcast to share his daily Dane-ish. This man helps others literally live, thrive, and skyrocket their lives by being the best version of yourself with a giant heart and healthy habits.

Get ready to have your happiness dial turned up at least one knob in this podcast episode!