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Auto Insurance Self-service for you as a customer is a win.

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By the Insurance Experts

When customers are shopping for Auto Insurance or Home Insurance they expect the best they can get for the best price. You have many options out there to choose from when it comes to an independent insurance agency, all of whom can find you the cheapest auto insurance or the best home insurance for your needs. What’s the next thing you look for? Having an excellent experience is key to any relationship in business and for and customer it’s very important to know that any business has their best interest at the forefront.

Independent agents willing to embrace digital have an opportunity to help their customers. These days, great customer service means making insurance easy, fast and convenient for them. 

Having a first-class, efficient, and friendly Client Experience is key to being successful in business today. Being able to provide access to real policy documents and ID Cards, have access to pay bills directly and file claims with your insurance company, or request service or a quote 24/7 makes life easier for the insured.

It’s not all about technology though, giving clients an option to communicate as they prefer is the best path forward. Some people prefer a phone call and talking directly to their insurance agent, while others prefer to chat online with a person or an automated bot, and then others prefer an email to document what they are communicating.

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Vantage Point Risk Partners is set up to provide service where the client wants to meet – via our website client portal clients have the option to chat online, call, email, or complete a service or claims form. During regular business hours, our team is available to respond very quickly to your needs, if it’s after hours you can send an email, complete the online form or use our automated chat feature to provide the information you need.

Our Vantage Point App is set up to provide clients self-service 24/7, provide access to all your insurance documents – your car insurance ID cards, Homeowners Policy Dec Pages, and any other insurance you have regardless of if it’s with our agency or not – you get the ability to keep everything in one place so you have access to all your insurance policies.

Our online client portal provides access to all our clients to submit a claim or request service on their policy, it’s accessible 24/7 and once submitted will be reviewed by one of our team members. Once a request has been submitted our team will stay in constant contact until the claim or service request has been completed.

Our technology also gives us the ability to find you the best insurance in Oregon. That could be the cheapest insurance, the company with the best options, or somewhere in between that best meets your needs. When you first work with us we focus on what’s important to you, we know that what insurance cost is everyone’s top priority, but being protected and not having to pay a lot out of pocket when an accident occurs is also important. We all want to make sure that if our house catches on fire or water damage destroys our house that we have coverage that rebuilds our house and replaces our belongings and that we are not out of pocket.

We pride ourselves in finding the best insurance in Oregon for you, at the best rate with the best coverage, and not just the first time but every time your insurance renews. We will shop your insurance through multiple companies to find you the best option.