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Small Commercial Construction

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Vantage Point Risk has an extensive variety of products for contractors, including general liability, property and inland marine, workers’ compensation, auto, umbrella, and surety and fidelity.

Our small commercial construction focus:

We want to write business with artisan contractors — the kind you would hire to remodel your bathroom, paint the kids’ room or service your air conditioner.

What is Small Commercial Construction?

  • Electrical Work — Residential or Light Commercial
  • HVAC (no LPG) – Residential or Light Commercial
  • Plumbing — Residential or Light Commercial
  • Floor Covering Installation
  • Painting and Wallcovering Work — Residential or Light Commercial
  • Residential Remodeling or Home Renovation
  • Interior Carpentry
  • Landscape and Lawn Care
  • Garage Door Installation and Repair
  • Fence Installation
  • Seal Coating
  • Concrete or Paving — Residential or Light Commercial

Vantage Point Risk Partners offers a variety of products for contractors, including:

  • Contractors Enhancement
    • Our proprietary GL enhancement form that includes Blanket Additional Insured for ongoing operations, Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Per Project Aggregate, and other valuable coverages.
  • Contractors Advantage:
    • Our proprietary endorsement provides Property and Inland Marine coverages, including small tools, installation floater, business personal property, and other valuable coverages.
  • Additional Insured:
    • Available on a blanket or individual basis for ongoing and/or completed operations. Business Auto Protection: Our proprietary Commercial Auto enhancement form with 3 levels of coverage options (Plus, Gold and Platinum) and coverage upgrades beyond the standard ISO form.
  • Additional coverage options:
    • Property and Inland Marine, Workers’ Compensation, Umbrella, Surety and Fidelity, Errors & Omissions, and more.

Meeting our Client’s Workers Comp Needs

We offer services to help your clients prevent and respond to workplace injuries, including:

  • Workplace safety guidance
  • Medical and disability management
  • Return-to-work resources
  • An efficient claims process with dedicated teams supporting workers’ com.

We understand insurance is expensive, Vantage Point Insurance saves you money, get your quote today.