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Welcome to a new age of home warranty!

By January 27, 2022April 18th, 2024No Comments

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By the Insurance Experts

We are proud to formally announce our partnership with Armadillo.

We continue to add more value to our clients and partners, by giving them an option to cover their home with a new-age home warranty company.

This is a vital component of our value proposition to our real estate partners and professionals as yet another way we can better serve the client.

The traditional home warranty contract is chalked full of exclusions and complicated language, which makes it difficult to understand and even more complicated to make a claim against. Armadillo has streamlined that process.

Offering Affordable, subscription-based protection for when appliances and systems break down in your home, without all the red tape of the past!

Why is Armadillo different than other home warranty companies?

  • Transparency
  • Less Fine Print + More Coverage
  • Qualified and Reputable
  • Flexibility
  • Faster than Fast
  • 24/7 Support

We pride ourselves in finding the best insurance in Oregon for you, at the best rate with the best coverage, and not just the first time but every time your insurance renews. We will shop your insurance through multiple companies to find you the best option.