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What value do you bring to your customers

By February 7, 2023April 18th, 2024No Comments

A quote struck home this morning because one of the things that I look at from an insurance side of things is what I bring as an insurance professional. What can I bring to the clients that come to me, it is different across several different types of insurance, whether it be with personal insurance, small business insurance, and medium to middle size business. Each one of these accounts is a little bit different because each one of these people and businesses is looking for a specific need when they come looking for their insurance.

Value driven professionals see themselves as an economic product on the open market and are obsessed with giving people a great return on their investment.

Donald Miller – Business Made Simple

Personal Insurance

With Personal insurance, the number one question and the number one thing that I get is people are looking to save money, right? They want to maintain their coverage. They want to get great insurance, but they’re looking to see if they can save some money. So we worked really hard with a number of different carriers from Safeco, Travelers to Openly, amongst a variety of different options that we have available to us. We’re able to put together a package together for a personalized client with their home, auto, umbrella, boat, RV, motorcycle, and ATV that we can really truly build them a custom package that gives them the coverages that they need as well as getting the best rate on their insurance. So not only do they get the best price upfront, they get the best cost-benefit they want when a claim happens.

Small Business Insurance

When it comes to small businesses, we take it a little bit further. A lot of small businesses are looking to save money, they want to get the best coverage for the best price they can find. Because cost is everything when you’re a small business and you want to make sure there’s an opportunity there to save money when you can. But they don’t want to shortchange their business and put themselves at risk. One of the extra things that we also bring to the table with small businesses is our business partners, from tax consultants, website design CPAs, payroll providers, and internet & telecom providers, we’re really good about making sure that our small business clients have an opportunity to not only be well protected, and get a great product, but they also have access to other professionals that we trust in the industry, to bring them the same deliverables, save them some money on their cost, give them the best product possible out there.

Commercial Insurance

When you get into medium and middle-sized businesses, they are looking for a little bit more. They are looking for a partner to help them not only make sure they’re well insured, make sure they have all coverages in place, but also help somebody to help them manage their total cost risk and we do this as well. We bring different products to the marketplace when it comes to needed items like HR, OSHA reporting, employee handbooks, return-to-work programs, and many more. When we work with a medium-sized business with 10 employees or more, it’s not to say that small businesses don’t need those services and we definitely help them with that, the medium to larger size businesses up to around 100 employees are who we can really work with by helping them put a total cost of risk programs in place to provide them a value add so that they’re getting a great return on their investment.

When you look at what you’re doing in business, think about that. What do you do as a value-driven professional, that sees themselves as an economic product on the open market and you’re obsessed with giving people the great return on their investment that they deserve?

It may be one thing, one product line and it’s across our business or it may be the same across every aspect of what you do.