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Ricky Hayter

Commercial Insurance Advisor

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An Unexpected Personal Achievement

In 2005, I embarked on a remarkable journey, completing a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine over six months. This adventure challenged me physically and taught me the importance of resilience and perseverance—qualities that I bring into my professional life.

Valuable Life Lesson

A vital life lesson that has profoundly shaped my perspective is the recognition that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Embracing the present moment is crucial, as it’s our only sure opportunity. This philosophy motivates me to live fully each day and bring my best self to every interaction, personally and professionally.

Daily Inspiration and Work Ethic

What drives me daily is the potential to make a substantial impact through our insurance services. Many individuals lack an understanding of managing their insurance effectively and must secure the most favorable terms and necessary coverage. By educating and guiding our clients through the complexities of insurance, I aim to empower them to achieve top-tier market positions. This commitment to client empowerment through knowledge and strategy inspires me to excel daily.

Achievements and Client Growth at Vantage Point Risk

I am eager to elevate Vantage Point Risk by driving growth and enhancing our service offerings. With extensive experience in strategizing risk management, navigating claims, and educating clients on controlling their total cost of risk, my hands-on approach fosters a true partnership beyond mere transactions. Utilizing our cutting-edge technology, I am dedicated to streamlining our clients’ insurance strategies and equipping them with risk management tools essential for their organizational growth. A good agent is pivotal, and I am committed to demonstrating the unmatched value we bring to our clients.


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